The World Needs A Hero Cinematic Song
FrostBite Mountain Video Game Song
MvP Video Game Song
Saudade Video Game Song
Artificial Spirit Cinematic Song
Reunited (Save The Princess) Video Game Song
The Final Battle (Save The Princess) Video Game Song
Crushed To Bits (Save The Princess) Video Game Song
NinTENDjutsu (Save The Princess) Video Game Song
The Glitch (Save The Princess) Video Game Song
Where's My Gameboy? (Save The Princess) Video Game Song
Submerge (Save The Princess) Video Game Song
Jump! (Save The Princess) Video Game Song
Level One (Save The Princess) Video Game Song
Chrono Trigger - Schala's Theme Video Game Song
Exfiltrate Cinematic Song
Tale Of A Knight World Song
One Inch From Death General Rock Song
Opera Of The Dead Classical Song
Here They Come Cinematic Song
Eliminate Cinematic Song
Infiltrate Cinematic Song
The Assassination Cinematic Loop
Nothing But Sand & Water Video Game Song
Our Last Hope Video Game Song
Summer of 69 (Singalong) Indie Song
CTSG4: Anniversary Edition Cinematic Song
Nami - By The Sword Cinematic Song
Killing Machine Cinematic Song
Hostile Cinematic Song
Fall Of An Angel Cinematic Song
My Last Bonus Level Video Game Song
Merry Illuminatimas Classical Loop
High Society Video Game Loop
Home Sweet Home Video Game Loop
Warriors Of The Sky Video Game Loop
All Aboard Lads! Video Game Loop
I Want To Save A Princess Video Game Song
Prey And Predators Cinematic Song
Creature Cinematic Song
Instinct Cinematic Song
Afterlife Cinematic Song
Escape Cinematic Song
Hope Cinematic Song
Tomb Of The Ancients Cinematic Song
The Weapon Cinematic Song
Forest Of Desolation World Song
Blind Driver General Rock Song
Peaceful Village Video Game Loop
Danger Ahead Video Game Song
Conflagration Trance Song

2013 Submissions

The Code Cinematic Loop
One Life Remaining Video Game Song
Colossal Assault Cinematic Song
The Desert Rose Classical Song
Hallucinating Miscellaneous Song
Lost In The Sands World Song
When The Night Falls World Song
The Long Journey World Song
Together Classical Song
One Man Army Cinematic Song
Tragic Cinematic Song
Wilting Away Solo Instrument Song
The Final Hour Video Game Song
Punk Rock Zombies Punk Song
Forever Friends Video Game Loop
Uncontrollable Power Video Game Loop
Wake Up, Sleepyhead! Video Game Loop
Celtic Fever World Song
Shadows Video Game Song
Platform Madness Video Game Loop
Battle Of The Brave Video Game Loop
Double Trouble! Video Game Loop
Ice Cavern Video Game Loop
Slaying The Beast Video Game Loop
Kill 'Em All Video Game Loop
The Forgotten Temple Video Game Loop
Running Out Of Time Video Game Loop

2012 Submissions

A New World Video Game Song