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That was amazing... I hope you continue making more animations because I think you have some real talent!

This is some amazing work, very stunning animation wow! My favorite scene was with the car alarm, that comical gypsy-like music playing along with it was perfect.
I really hope to see some more of your work here on Newgrounds :)

Nice work on this! love how It makes you feel a bit uneasy at first mostly because of the music, I was expecting some strange shit to go down xD but towards the end the mood changes and it becomes adorable. Only thing I'm wondering is if he found his friend or was it all just a dream.
Great job :)

FOST3R responds:

Thank you for your detailed comment; I really love reading these and seeing how people felt or what they thought when they were viewing this. Thanks!

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So good! Wish it would have been longer.

BoMToons responds:

Me too!

Pretty sweet game! There's a couple of things that aren't working though like when you complete a seed it doesn't add it in the Completed seeds menu and the continue button doesn't seem to do anything.
Nice work!

So many angry people here xD
I love the game ,simple fun even though it's hard and extremely frustrating!
the hardest part is probably the "cave" obstacle where you have the spike underneath the floating block and you have to time your jump well.
Nice work on this and I hope your happy with making people go apeshit.

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My favorite track from you EP,
This track is banging! :D

Man I love this track, it sounds like the perfect theme for a Boss who is completely nuts!
It's very catchy and I love the instruments you chose.
Awesome work!

ConnorGrail responds:

Nothing better than a stupidly absurd song for a kooky crazy boss. I appreciate it!

This sounds really cool and original too! I especially liked the section that starts at 02:12
If I have to be nitpicking I would say I think it be better to have the vocals a bit closer panned to each other instead of panned one to the left and right (but this might be just a personal thing).
Good work :)

ADR3-N responds:

Listening again, I'd say you're right. On car speakers, it does sound panned too far (30%). The reason I panned them at all was to try and get some differentiation between the vocal formants, though. Thanks so much for pointing that out. Such a simple thing to fix.

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I really love your art style!


Very cool! I love the costume :)

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