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This is really cool! Nice blend of styles :)

JessieYun responds:

Thanks a dozen, Mattashi! :D

Wow this sounds really beautiful, I really love the melody from the piano and the choir.
Nice work!

Troisnyx responds:

Aaa thank you 😭❤️ Thanks for the kind words.

My favorite track from you EP,
This track is banging! :D

Man I love this track, it sounds like the perfect theme for a Boss who is completely nuts!
It's very catchy and I love the instruments you chose.
Awesome work!

ConnorGrail responds:

Nothing better than a stupidly absurd song for a kooky crazy boss. I appreciate it!

This sounds really cool and original too! I especially liked the section that starts at 02:12
If I have to be nitpicking I would say I think it be better to have the vocals a bit closer panned to each other instead of panned one to the left and right (but this might be just a personal thing).
Good work :)

ADR3-N responds:

Listening again, I'd say you're right. On car speakers, it does sound panned too far (30%). The reason I panned them at all was to try and get some differentiation between the vocal formants, though. Thanks so much for pointing that out. Such a simple thing to fix.

Awesome work, sounds so brutal. Something that would fit perfect for a Madness game :)

zybor responds:

thank you for your review Mattashi!!!

Sounds really cool! It gives off an anime kind of vibe which fits the picture perfectly. (especially with that violin) One thing though I'm not sure if you can use pictures outside of Newgrounds for the AIM,
Or are the rules different this year?

ET16 responds:

God dammit! yeah your right I didnt see that part. welp time to look for something I like on here thank you for reviewing!

so beautiful :) Sounds like a song that needs to be put in an RPG asap!
It's sad you guys scrapped the idea, I liked where it was going but it's still a very nice short song :)
Awesome stuff!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Yeah, it's a bit of a shame indeed. But it was simply made too long ago now for us to pick it up :)
The genre didn't really work with what we wanted to make at the ime, either. That said, I'm glad you still enjoyed it as it is :'D!
Thank you for the lovely review ^ ^

I haven't been leaving many reviews lately on your tracks, not that I don't like them I do listen to all of them. I'm just not too great at these reviews/critics simply because all of your tracks are great :)
But I did have to leave one for this cause I think this is the best song you ever did till now.
I love the ambience in this and the synths along with the vocal is beautiful, which vocal instrument did you use? It sounds really good!
Nice work man, I really hope you will get into the top 3 with this one.

zybor responds:

Thank you so much for your review. It was Heavyocity Gravity Vocalise. Thanks again for the review and listen. And also congrats for the frontpage. See you soon on Skype. :)

I think you should still try to upload it for the contest, you could send the first half or second half of the song. It's very pretty :)

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks, dude! But it would have to be even shorter than that, and with even less arrangement, so I find it's better to create something simpler from scratch. Especially since I've already shared this, and submissions should be anonymous :)

•Theme submissions should be recorded with one instrument, without any arrangement, orchestration or production.
• The Theme does not need to be long; make it as concise as possible.

I'm glad you liked it though, thanks!

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