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So good! Wish it would have been longer.

BoMToons responds:

Me too!

Pretty sweet game! There's a couple of things that aren't working though like when you complete a seed it doesn't add it in the Completed seeds menu and the continue button doesn't seem to do anything.
Nice work!

So many angry people here xD
I love the game ,simple fun even though it's hard and extremely frustrating!
the hardest part is probably the "cave" obstacle where you have the spike underneath the floating block and you have to time your jump well.
Nice work on this and I hope your happy with making people go apeshit.

Not a bad game, great time killer!
There's a bug I often get when I jump on one of the hippie girls, the alien doesn't finish them off and they just keep standing there. You can't do anything except for starting over.
Besides that, nice work on this.

Awesome hunt game! Loving the pixel-art and the music.
The 100% medal didn't unlock for me after finding everything, a bug maybe?
Still nice work on this :)

wow this turned out so awesome! loving everyone's art. I'm stilling missing a few symbols but I will find em all D: *grabs magnifying glass*

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Thanks Mattashi.

I can't really thank you enough for the music, btw. People mention how much the music is so fitting for the collab, and I'm really impressed that you managed to put it together within 2 days of my audio forum request. For making something critical for the project, it's good to know that there are dependable people out there.

... and have a Merry Christmas!

Nice and cute little game :)

What a beautiful game, it feels more like a piece of art though :)
Reminds me of LoZ : Majora's Mask in a way where the world is coming to and end and you can experience what everyone is doing their final days.
Very nice work!

This game would have been perfect if it wasn't so laggy. It seems the farther you get the more freezing occurs.

Pretty fun game! The beginning is the hardest but once you get a few points to add things get a lot easier. I encountered two bugs not sure if they were normal;
Around level 23 the combo meter stopped filling up for me
and when adding points it seems you could keep adding them even after they were maxed out.
Nice work though :)

Wiesi responds:

Hey, thanks for playing the game for such a long time! To be honest I doubted that anyone would get over Level 20. Thank you!

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