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I really can't imagine ever having the desire to sit down to listen to 8bit or old game inspired music on my headphones. I just wouldn't enjoy it as I find it a bit silly. However, going over your tracks, I have much respect for the genres you implemented into it (specifically track 8). The album sounds well produced, and the music is really interesting. Consider it a success, and I hope it reaches much of the target audience that you intend it for. Congrats on the work!

Thanks man! :)

From the man who created my favorite song on all of Newgrounds....

Yeah, I just went and bought the album on trust alone. I'm sure it's amazing.

Aw thanks man, I appreciate it!

I've never heard of you or your music before, but I was pleasantly surprised with this. This is amazingly well done. Everything about it just screams awesome to me. You have inspired me to write more of this stuff. Usually this stuff is a one time thing I do for Pixel Day, but I may have to do it more. Well done! You've earned a new fan.

Thanks Evilgrapez, I'm glad I inspired you.
I checked out your tracks and you got a new fan too ;)

As you already know, I found the album to be fantastic :)
Seems like all your other feedback so far is positive too!
Hopefully, this will get noticed by someone :D

Thanks again :3

Man, never heard of you before today, but your album and mixing is on point. If I were competing against you toe-to-toe for arrangement, quality of mixing, and flat out vision, I'd sorely lose. Not even half into your album and I can solidly say, it's some absolutely fantastic shit. Gonna round out this listen and give you a like, favorite, and subscribe on YT.

Hey Thanks a lot man!
To be honest I never really thought my mixing was that great, most of the time I don't even know what I'm doing I just try to trust my ears as much as I can lol.

Single complaint, chorus of track 4 is overused without any real additions to the melody. Even a harmony over that lead could do the trick and drive this track harder into my memory.

Yeah that one might get a bit repetitive I was struggling a bit with what to do next with the track.
thanks for the feedback :)

Mixing and writing was weakest on track 6, particularly the bass synth, at least until the dubstep almost-dnb elements hit. It sounds like an over-compressed wall of noise compared to the cool, collected, energetic presentation brought in the other tracks. Also, unimaginative parallel octaves between rhythm guitar, and bass was a bit annoying. They stuck out from one another, and panning of other instruments was strange. Keychange felt like a much needed change. Ethnic instruments could have used a lot more sensitivity and attention paid to them.

Mixing was also weaker on 7, but the writing was better. The problem here was volume leveling. Perc was not EQ'ed to take advantage of higher frequencies. Panning was odd here, and bass and guitar could have done with a bit better blending -- all of the instruments, actually. The blinding speed was the real draw of this track, as well as the DnB elements. Good one here. Fantastic writing of that solo. That's a testament to good composing, flying into that keychange like a fucking valkyrie. Brought me to tears at one point, for whatever reason.

Opening of 8 sounds very promising, and mixing seems very much on point with the instrumentation you have. Bass could be given just a bit more grit and presence -- less mid, more 60-250 hz, more velocity modulation -- the attacks are pretty monotonous. Seems like you paid more attention to guitar. It sounds very much like you're using Kontakt. Not bad, but remember that Kontakt is EXTREMELY prone to hammering if you're not extremely careful with velocity. Also, the extreme vibrato on that one synth used for solo arpeggiating here is past whimsical and into the realm of tasteless overkill. The writing saves it. Could have used better volume leveling and velocity, much like all your other instrumentation. Thoroughly enjoyed the song, but the main drag grew repetitive and I can honestly say I might hit the skip after that solo section. If you're gonna repeat a phrase, add something to it, like tom breaks, harmony, etc.

I'm liking the sound of 9. Very ominious, intricate, it seems. Awesome break, and choral lines are on point. Could use more velocity of individual notes and more realistic and varied attacks. Otherwise this track is a treat for the ears and quite a journey with the chord progression, perceived meter shifts, and pristine melodic lines shining above the dark instrumentation. Complaint is that snare could have had a bit of reverb and a shorter decay on it. It's bleeding a bit. Your work here reminds me of something like Blue Stahli meeting Dark Sarah/Nightwish/Epica. This is probably my favorite so far of the entire album. Breaks were in the right places, arps complemented one another, it wasn't boring and repetitive, and you really put some imagination on this shit. Love it.

10 at first seems like your boring end-credits. A total tonal shift from the album. Of course, ol' dude has killed the dragon and got the princess back, so it's happy ending time. It would have been great to see an alternate ending, melancholy or spooky game over track in case our hero ever lost. Your arrangement on the happy little tune is pretty good, if a total culture shock departing from the rest of the album and its relative sound quality in general. I did enjoy it, but was not expecting it at all.

The only real disappointment I have is that if this album is to be telling a story, I can pick out no riffs to identify our hero. The songs seem to merely have a feel and not a deeper meaning intrinsic to the character -- such as the motifs present in titles like Final Fantasy, Skyrim, Morrowind, Megalovania, etc., etc. That's a small complaint though as any of these could function as relatively strong singles. Good on you, and happy to have listened. :)

Wow thanks for the detailed feedback xD
The hero is actually no true hero, he's just your regular teenage kid with a big imagination trying to save his girlfriend xD

Holyshit this is kickass work. Man you can really do anything.

Thanks man xD

No problem. If you ever want a review on something, link it on my newspost or something hahah

You got it lol :P

Congrats - Well done :)

Hey thank you SoundChris :)

Anamanaguchi vibes! Sick album cover art too. Thanks for sharing! :)

Album was amazing. When will you make sequel?

I might one day :)