Entry #1

East West Quantum Leap !

2013-01-31 17:28:08 by Mattashi

Hey everyone!
After using Reason Propellerhead for more than 5+ years I've finally decided to try something new.
Don't get me wrong I love using Reason but the only thing that kind of bugged me is the fact that they wont let you use VSTi's.
So I ordered a few EWQL packs (Symphonic Orchestra, Goliath and Storm Drums 2).
And yes I had to save up a little money and I hope it will be worth it lol...
it should arrive tomorrow D: probably won't be sleeping tonight... xD


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2013-01-31 17:30:55

Owyeaaah.... WOOHOOO


2013-02-03 12:14:30

Now you are up to the professional level!

:D I love Storm Drum 2. You made good uses out of it in your latest song. Keep making awesome music.

Mattashi responds:

I agree Storm Drums 2 is awesome! :D