New album : Distant Light Released!

2014-09-21 07:35:14 by Mattashi

Hey newgrounders!

I finally finished my cinematic album, Distant Light :D


Get it on bandcamp for free! (or name your price) : 

Or listen on Youtube.

Also check out Antiskill ( who did the album artwork for me.

I'll be uploading the tracks to Newgrounds soon.



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2014-09-21 08:24:51

That's some great art and music :D

Mattashi responds:

Thank you Lucid! :)


2015-01-08 20:52:09

dude I just came across you 10 minutes ago. Your album is amazing! Real professional sounding! I wish I could do music as good! What all did you use to make your music? I know it must be a long list but everything sounds so genuine!

Mattashi responds:

Thanks man!
Here's what I used for the album;
Cubase 7 as DAW
Vsts : East West Symphonic Orchestra, Symphonic Choir, Pianos, Voices Of Passion and RA
Heavyocity Damage, AEON Rhythmic and Melodic
Cinematic Guitars 1&2
EZmix (for recording the guitars in Hope & Creature)
Eduardo Tarilonte : Shevannai, Mystica, Forest Kingdom 2 and Era


2015-01-16 12:59:04

um.. do you use a recording program? I just downloaded Magic Mixer and found it it was a trail r un Xb

Can you suggest too me a free music mixer that is not a trailr un cause ia really want make music!

Mattashi responds:

I wouldn't know which DAW is free most of them you have to purchase.
Try google