Black Sands Kickstarter!

2015-10-22 09:56:35 by Mattashi


Hello NG :D,

Black Sands (a visual novel about ancient mythologies) has recently launched their Kickstarter, you can find more about it here ;

If the goal is reached I'll be composing the soundtrack for this project! Share with friends if you like D: (if you don't like too :3)

I've also been doing a couple of commissions for the Arma 3 : Resist mod team. Just uploaded the latest track here on Newgrounds.



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2015-10-22 11:30:51

I know how hard it can be to hold a kickstarter. Good luck! and hope to make it a reality! It looks really good ^_^

Mattashi responds:

Yeah it's not easy that's for sure, thanks!


2015-10-22 14:05:01

Ooh! Those character designs look awesome o.O
I like visual novels in general too.

It'd be awesome to see you make a full soundtrack for this! Let's hope for the best :3

Mattashi responds:

*Fingers crossed* :3


2015-10-22 20:35:33

I know you'll do this justice if it reaches its goal in the next month. Best of luck!


2015-10-23 11:46:34

Good stuff - - scifi and mythology are two subjects I really like! Hope it goes well and give you all more exposure!

Mattashi responds:

Thanks man :) I'm really looking forward for your next episode!


2015-10-27 15:23:16

*Small Update*
The owner canceled the funding for now, he's planning on releasing a demo first before bringing it back up.